12 March, 2013


Have you ever felt a burn
To run and try and do?
Have you longed for adventure,
To just try something new?
Are you vodka or bottle,
Effervescent or flat?
Are you switch or bulb,
Vampire or bat?
Do you sing in treetops,
Or simply in the shower?
Do you live each minute
In the passing of an hour?
Do you dodge,
Or with punches roll?
Do you block
Or make the goal?
I will walk differently;
Or will you in step fall?
Are you slouched
Or standing tall?
Are you anxious,
Sad, or blue-
Are you among
The righteous few?
Do you take shots-
In chest, in jest, of whiskey?
Are you social-
Or shy, or fly, or frisky?
Which do you choose
In Truth or Dare?
Can you be honest?
Are you bare?
Are you lucky,
Glad and green?
Do you keep secrets
That none have seen?
Do you hide
Or are you proud?
Are you rain,
Or merely cloud?