30 December, 2013


To reflect, let's go back too far.
At the end, I felt a failure.
I failed at being a partner,
At being a mother,
A sister, an aunt.
I failed at most everything
I had tried to do.
I lost a job I loved,
Because someone gave the word.
I lost people I cared for
Because I didn't watch my words.
I lost the time I'd spent,
The work I had done,
The progress I had made.
Rarely had I felt so very low.

In a year, I worked hard.
I made visits and apologies.
I made friends and French fries.
I took a new job, and
I mastered it.
I accepted new challenges,
And some I conquered.
I made it my goal to
Fight the tears,
To move forward.
I took a step back-
But I learned from my mistakes
For once
And I began to run.
I talked to myself
Far too much.
I opened myself up
To new things that,
Maybe, I shouldn't have.
But I don't regret because
From all these things,
Above every other feeling,
I have learned
And I am glad.
So thank you,
All of you,
Who have given me chances-
All of you who told me
That I could, for you gave me strength-
Who told me I could not,
For you gave me defiance.
And for another year,
I will fight with every breath,
Through the high days
As well as the low,
Through the drawbacks,
The step-ups,
The endless words
And petty grudges.
For another year of birthdays,
Of seasons and half-price shakes,
Of weddings, celebrations,
And Sweeny Pride Day-
For another year,
I'll keep growing.