05 December, 2013


I'll make you go blind
And I'll make you run
I'll get us in trouble
Just to have some fun.
I'll scream and I'll cry
'Til I get my way
Though what I want
Is not here to stay.
I'll make you mess up,
I'll make you slip
I want you to fumble
And stumble and trip.
I'll make you confused,
Like a drug so sweet
I'll daze you and craze you
From the moment we meet.
I'll push you and tug you,
I'll drag, and claw, and scratch,
I'll tie you and buy you
I'll beg, and tease, and catch.
You can never win-
I just need you to play.
I need you to fail,
I need you to pay.
It was never you,
As it never was me.
It's not who you are-
It's what I want you to be.