30 December, 2012

Light Me

How can you have stuck a song
That you've never heard before?
How can you fail even when
You've given it your all?
Why is it that a thought can
Slip and drip through your fingers?
I'm catching water but my
Thirst won't be sated,
My hunger not abated.
Haha... we're not immortal,
We're already dead!
Can you bury me?
Can you hide me from the world,
So that I might rise again?-
A different life, a stronger body,
A whole new set of rules!
Push me down, pick me up,
Frame me, blame me,
Humiliate and shame me.
Leave me here, send me there,
Fight me, bite me,
Kerosene and light me.
Waiting, always waiting-
Like I said, I have to breathe!
I can't stay dependent-
Who can I depend on?
It is all just an extent,
An extension of tense.
Keep it flowing,
What else to do?
Can't give up, not ever,
Not for anything.
Live and breathe, laugh and die.
Wake and sleep, fall and try.