11 January, 2013


People aren't real;
They all pretend,
Some more than others.
But we all put on
A fake face and a facade.
Self-image imposed,
Projection or inflection-
Everyone is concerned
With what the world sees.
Don't they know that
Society is blind?
Their twisted sense of beauty,
An erasure of morality-
What have they all taught us?
Life is to be split,
Fiction from reality,
Yourself from your image.
What comes of this?
Heartache and confusion?
And the number one misnomer,
All this horrid censorship:
First books, some people,
What else is to be burned?
We lie in the face
Of anyone whose respect we crave.
But I still can't see
Just what is so wrong
With simply being.
Are you so awful,
So cruel and unintelligent,
Soulless and uncaring,
That you can't show your
Face to the world?
Are we a planet populated
By paper bags to veil
Our sincerest shame?
Uncover your face,
Unhide your eyes-
Open your mouth and
Spread your smile.