28 January, 2013


My coffee keeps getting cold
As I try to melt the sour stone
That shifts uncomfortably
In the bottom of my stomach.
I'm aching for Mango,
To spin up the volume,
Buds in each ear, and just
Let it scream to me a lullaby.
What else can calm me,
On a day like this?
I'm antsy and trapped and
Lacking enough air-
My arms prone to throw and
My thoughts bouncing unchecked.
Chords beg to vibrate,
To let out as loud a stroke
As my lungs will allow.
And here, behind my eyes,
This pressure keeps building
And building.
Can I do this, day to day?
It's not constant-
But still, can I cope?
Is this feasible?
Everything makes me angry;
This is simply not my Monday.
I'm hot and I'm hungry.
I'm lonely yet long to be alone.
I can hardly wait-
I'm craving my reprieve,
My own, my solitude.
I'm sweating and sad.
I'm outside and in.
I'm jittery and impatient;
So what do I do now?