22 February, 2013

In Me

If you think I don't,
Think again-
If you think I lied,
Think twice.
If I didn't care,
Would I be here?
Would I still bleed?
What and why
Would I still write?
I dwell, and I think,
And I labor in silence,
I consider it all again.
No matter the past,
Long ago or closer,
I can't stop it-
I could sooner stop
Eating or breathing,
Talking or singing.
I can't help but care,
I can't stop thinking
And feeling
And feeling sorry:
But from me and
From you, we each want-
Nothing? Everything?
The old or the new?
In every breath of air,
In each single sight I see,
In the ground and the trees
And the music- in me.