11 June, 2013


Sometimes it gets quiet
And I love the lack of sound.
Others it grows busy
And the movement keeps me sane.
There are times when
I have too much myself,
When I dwell on tense,
When I truly am missing.
Some days I hear them,
Those four with their
Own wants and needs.
I love the moments
During which it is LIFE,
When I can accept,
Without regret or bitterness:
When my heart is not breaking
And my soul is intact-
But then, some stimulus
Jolts me to a dark place,
A sad face,
And suddenly this
Pressure on my chest
Is aching with such
Strangely explicable dread.
So many little things
In everyday life,
Those little moments
Caught in time
That are screaming a name!
Inescapable she is,
And poor Kimi gets
The worst of it.
Is that what they are,
My plans?
Are they a release,
A means to cope?
Of course!?
My head is whirling,
And I am glad for it,
As lately I've been
Too occupied to have
This precious time to myself.