11 June, 2013


I make a slow circle
Around this, my little world
And see the chaos
I have caused here.
I look back on yesterday,
And the day before,
And I question my
Every action.
Who commands and decides?
Who directs and orders?
Where, to whom, are my loyalties?
I Kendahl this little fire,
And ask myself as I've been asked-
What do I want?
Am I searching for
That kind of adventure?
Kimi whispers "No!"
But on another level,
I can't help but wonder...
Not my "if's" again!
I remember her for
Who she is not-
And is that wrong?
Or good?
Or just, like me, insane?
I have not forgotten,
How could I?
That sweet smile
And hair so soft.
I miss my songs.
I miss my pages,
With all the advice
I will ever need;
For when in doubt,
For which way to go.
The same same things,
The familiar words.
Spout from the speakers-
Variations on themes.
Am I trapped along my circle?
It comes back to the same.
As do I?- As do I.
Balance her out, I suppose,
But with whom?
I couldn't say.
How can I hold back?
Must it be all or none?
Four on one?