19 November, 2012

A Bad Friend

Hello there, bad friend,
Are you angry still?
Not that it matters.
I wish you no ill.
I have all I need,
I chase what I want.
You have no place here-
No memory to haunt.
Happy holidays, bad friend,
I hope you spend them well.
Whatever they might mean;
Perhaps, even a quell.
You've never seen me cry-
Not once, in how long?
And yet, he has-
It just seems so wrong.
What's happened, bad friend?
Was it both or just one?
It's all over now-
The past is gone, done.
I have forgiven;
Forget, I'll never do.
Perhaps we'll move on-
But never know what's true.
Then again, does anyone?
I tell them they'll get scared;
That they won't want me
Once my whole self is bared.
They don't believe, bad friend-
Eventually I prove it.
Is that good or bad?
Can I improve it?
So once they realize,
And what I said comes to pass,
Again I'm torn apart-
But I know it can't last.
Good luck, bad friend.
I've moved on from this.
Old times, or him maybe-
But you, I won't miss.