14 November, 2012


How funny is it?
That it really is obvious.
If only someone could
Pay a moment's attention,
Would open their mind
To what is staring straight
At them, directly in
Their line of vision-
But they don't see
Because they don't
Wish to see.
Logic conflicts with
Itself here-
On one side, who would assume?
Yet on the other,
All the signs are there!
If people weren't so
Judgmental, if they would just
Accept things the way they are,
They would see it.
Am I glad that they don't?
Or do I want them all to
Know it?
I'm getting double vision-
Two of you, two of me.
Close one eye, the other-
It changes, see?
The colors switch, the lines cross.
So I am choosing now-
Not to give up,
But to drop. To let it.
Forget this lost Lenore.
Refocus yourself-
Sharpen the outlines,
And the picture will
Fall into place.