18 November, 2012

A Good Friend

Hello my good friend,
I hope you are well.
Tonight I am tired,
I'm under some spell.
My world keeps changing,
My face grows hot.
Eyes burn for tears,
Useful or not.
It is fall, my good friend-
The weather is turning.
A chill sweeps the air,
And what are we learning?
Friends or enemies,
Or a whole new thing.
A new year approaches,
But what might it bring?
I'm growing, good friend;
I hope you will, too.
But where can I go?
What can I do?
My options keeps morphing,
Some good and some bad.
I'm gaining new things,
I've lost what I had.
Goodnight, my good friend,
Tomorrow will come
And today is almost over;
Yet I'm feeling so numb.
Priorities are different,
I've traded them around.
Not all has been lost-
I have been found.
Sweet dreams, my good friend,
And don't dream of me-
Let me sleep for once,
In the morning we'll see.