26 November, 2012


"Need" is such a nasty little word,
An overused term,
An unworkable slur.
I don't have need for
Anything of the sort-
Or for you,
Nor you for me.
"Need" is so common,
So overly dishonest.
There really is no such thing.
"Need" is such a rarity,
A funny little quirk.
I don't need this,
I won't need that.
I don't need you-
Or anyone at all!
And why do I pretend-
Do I delude myself
That I might want you?
Do I even miss you?
No, not at all:
"Want" is only a small step
From "need"-
Much more loosely defined,
Much less closely confined.
And both words negate
The very same thing.
Me and you.