01 November, 2012


Perhaps I hold onto too many
While others let them all go
These digital keepsakes
That I read over and over.
I tell myself to erase a few
Like a hoarder cleaning house
But again I hold on
And keep them for another day.
And maybe it's a bad idea
That will come back to haunt me
But there are some things that
I don't want to forget just yet-
Instead I remind myself often
Keep them always on my mind
Read them over again.
Save them for tomorrow.
Hope that, if anyone might see,
They won't understand.
Some of it is spelled out-
And for that, I keep it close.
How much do you trust your friends?
That much?
With all of your secrets?
Even the ones you've kept from yourself?
Think about it a moment.
Would you really tell?
Why haven't you already?
You know why. You're scared.
Maybe you know what they'll think.
Maybe you know it will break.
Just maybe, you know they can't keep it.
And what kind of friends are those?
Some would say none at all,
Before they realize it's theirs.