01 October, 2012

Kadence Red

In all honesty, she is
The embodiment of my hypocrisy.
She is far from perfect,
As she very wells knows.
Yet she is everything about me
That is judgmental and hateful.
Much more opinionated than I,
And not afraid to speak her insults.
Somehow, I keep her in check.
So easily angered, making it a test
To keep her separate, as I have
Resolved to do for my own sanity.
I need this Kadence, to keep me
Tethered to the most important thing-
How hard it is on my peace of mind,
For me to need her! It tears
At my morals- but so does
Everything else!
Kadence asks if I ever even had any.
I hate to wonder if she's right.
They can't all be right!-
That's why I have separated them
And continue to explore them even if,
Perhaps, it is only leading to my own
Deterioration. But she questions everything!
And I never know what is worth the
Question. Be on the safe side?
But I'm so bad at that!
And so, yes, I constantly question
Anything. I need her for
Her motivation; without it,
I would only be exchanging
One extreme for the other-
And this thought leaves me
At a perpetual impasse, torturing
My thoughts into half-baked actions.
I think, most excruciating of all,
Is the way she splits my mind between
Ultimate love and hate, causing my
Insecurity in regards to what is
Tangible, and what is only
Mist upon the water.