03 October, 2012

Kimi Pink

Kimi's in love and
She knows what's true;
Kind and tender,
But so much is new.
Her eyes are dancing
While they hide so much.
Fearful and shy,
Wanting someone to trust.
The only one to calm her,
The one who makes her smile-
If only she could understand
And learn to see the style.
Kimi's alone and she's
Feeling confused.
If these are her friends,
Why does she feel so used?
She just wants that one who
Makes her feel so abloom-
She longs to be held
By one who won't assume.
Kimi's in the garden-
She's meeting somebody there.
Out of all the blossoms,
Not a one can compare.
Hidden outside is
A frog all alone.
She wants to hide,
But her cover is blown.
Kimi's revealed, now
She can't take it back.
Fighting her tears,
But she's going to crack.
Kimi's in love but
Still she's so alone.
She's in the garden
And all on her own.