17 October, 2012

The Catch

This halo of a haven,
This bed that is all mine.
I share only when I wish
And when I do,
How heavenly it's been.
This aura of clovers
With an extra kick of something-
What is it? Lily pads?
It could be no other.
That sweet intoxication,
The mere presence of one,
This angelic little smile
That only shows in sleep-
Pure blissful calm,
Passing over me, too.
So for a night, I have it all.
These strings remain empty
For this sleep time,
And the sugar plums in my
Head twirl and twirl,
Without a care in their hearts.
I look up to see
This underwater canopy
And I drift into the most
Resting sleep that I can
Even remember...
So that it almost makes me
Cry to wake up, to know
That this night can't last
Nearly long enough.
I want it again.
I crave the company.
That night will live on
In my heart until my
Dying day- I will cherish
It every moment.
Hanging over my head
Is only a dream catcher-
No other nagging notions
To mar this lovely night.
Nothing is being thrown-
For now, I have escaped
The Catch.