08 October, 2012

Kendahl Green

Take a look, tell-
What do you see?
Spin around: the
World is green!
Have a heart, and
Have some fun.
Break your streak,
Jump the gun.
Party for one, please-
Loud music with groove,
Now you can dance,
Let your day improve.
Live it when you breathe,
Feel it when you dream.
Shake off wasted time-
Sew back every seam.
See the right colors,
Take a stroll outside.
Block out the theme,
Forget your precious pride.
How's this for muchness?
"We're all mad here."
Cross all the lines,
Leave behind your fear.
Here is all your music-
Now is all you've got.
Pick out the clover
In every inkblot.
Feel the rumbling,
Revel in the rain.
Celebrate the clouds,
Feel it in each vein.
Run as it pours,
And let it all grow.
It's time for Kendahl Green,
Let the daring show.