05 October, 2012


I'm amazed at how free I feel
At how open I am-
This experience is enthralling!
I'm so surprised at the
Overwhelming amount of support
I'm getting from all sides.
It's getting me excited about this!
Doing what I really want- and
Loving every minute.
I find myself submerged,
Completely buried in my new work.
This is what I was made to do.
This is my calling.
My mood is lifted whenever
I write, and I love to see my words
Springing to life in so many ways.
My inspiration comes from my
Encouragement, and I'm so happy
That I get so much. I love this
Story! I feel that it has such
Wonderful direction, and very
Real characters- I only hope I
Do them justice in bringing them to
Life, in describing their story
In the most crafty way that I can.
And if I fail, I will try again-
Nothing will keep me from this.
This is mine.
It won't be taken from me-
I won't let it. This is my life.
I will follow it until my dying day.