10 October, 2012

Karen Blue

Save it for another day
This unlucky Karen Blue
Keep it to a single bud
This oppressing little hue.
Leave it out in the rain
Don't bring it back inside-
Let it grow in its place,
It's for nature to decide.
Sing it in a melody,
But now it's nothing more
Lock it in this box again
-Hiding shouldn't be a chore.
Plant yourself a garden
Some flowers, just a few
Overrun the bonnet,
This bleeding Karen Blue.
Roses, poppies, tiger lilies,
Surround this forest place.
Restore this torched circle
With a ring of growing grace.
This one is the hardest-
The final little clue.
Fight it with the others,
This relentless Karen Blue.
Uncover this bed of blossoms,
Put each petal away
Sleep in rainbow dreamland-
Let the colors disarray.
Smother desperate hunger,
Lose sight of that sensation.
Blend away this shade,
Avoid your own damnation.
Begin today all over-
It's not too late to start anew
Shake off all your sadness,
Evade this Karen Blue.