10 September, 2012

A Closer Look

This town is like
An infection-
Glue is stuck to
The roads to keep
You here. It
Tells you what to
Think, what to say.
Where to go.
Am I comfortable
With myself?
People hide behind
What they call
Privacy, but
Is really insecurity.
Sometimes I catch
A glimpse of them,
And it can worry
Me- but if I
Pause, I notice
That this is only
The surface. If
They could let
That little bit slip...
How much is underneath,
How much have they
Managed to keep hidden?
It could be so much
Worse- they have so
Much to hide! What
Lies have they told?
Three times as many
As the ones I've
Caught! We all block
Our true selves from
Others' eyes, fearful
Of judgment and who knows
What else? Our fears
And deepest longings,
Our nightmares are
Draped behind modesty.
What are your secrets?
Why do you hide them?
Is it so bad, to share?
I am just uncovering
This new way of sharing,
Of showing myself,
Expressing what before
I'd always kept wrapped
In a sheet and tossed
Under the bed, tucked
Into the back corner
Behind shoes and old
Notebooks, mismatched
Socks and bits of trash.
But now it's been pulled out,
And thrust into the light
For everyone to see,
To read,
To share.