04 September, 2012


Were we better together?
Sometimes I feel as
Though I'm coming apart
At the seams, as

I know he is.
My thoughts are unwinding,
My mind unraveling
Further and further each
Day that we're no longer
Together. And him?
I know his patience
Wears thin, his anger
Bubbles up and loses
Control. So I ask-
Were we better together?
Or... Was it only
An illusion- us pretending
We were better-
Hiding from each other?
Some things...
There are some things
I remember, that I
Know were not me.
Some things that were irrational,
Or simply out of
Character- Why
Could I not be myself
With him?
Surely- certainly
Two people who love
Each other, can
Always be themselves
When they are together?
But then... who
Was I? Have I
Changed? Or did I
Simply forget who I was?
Yes... I think he made
Me forget...