09 September, 2012

Step 1

Worst day ever?!
Stupid! Hormonal
And desperate!?
God, can I ever
Forgive myself?
So many tears today...
Hating myself so much.
Thank you, God,
For Catharsis, my
Saving grace.
I'm sorry that I've
Been so weak. I'm
Sorry that I lost
Control. -I'm sorry
About my hair. I
Hate this! It isn't
Fair! What do I do?
Stop crying!

Catharsis is calming
Me though. Good.
Feeling cold and
Feverish. Oh, God-
Will I ever get
Those words out of
My head?! How bad
Is it? Cliched again.
This is not working.
Again, everything
Is shattered.
This is step 1 of
Picking up the
Thousand pieces on
The floor.
Step 1!?
How could I let
Myself go so far
Backward?! I hate
That I went backward!
I hate everything
About this moment!
I pray that God
Will forgive me;
I never will.