27 September, 2012


The way I feel it,
For right now-
For this minute it is
It's not a cliche
For once- I never
Saw it coming!
Although perhaps
I should have.
I'm shaking with this
Sudden realization!
How could I not see
It before? It was in
My face for so long...
But now who can I tell?
I can't keep this new
Feeling locked tight
Inside- I want to tell
Everyone! But I can't
Do that. I won't.
But I have to do
I must have lost my mind...
But at the same time,
I have found it.
It all comes together
Now, all the jigsaw
Pieces fitting snugly
Into place now that
I have the missing part.
Still, I don't know
If this is a good thing,
Or what I want.
Happiness is what I
Want- and not just for me.
My fingers tremble
While I type-
What reaction do I
Crave? I can't even
Begin to imagine...
I keep wanting to
Laugh into this empty
Room; Laugh at this irony.
But, Shh!
Can't tell yet...
Can't tell anyone.
But I will have to tell-
I can't keep this a secret.
Not from everyone, anyway.
There is someone I
Must tell.
But when, how?
Can I really say it
Out loud?
Is this real?
I want to cry-
Because I should
Have known sooner?
Because I want to tell?
I just don't know!
I finally- almost-
Know what I want.
But how can I ever have it?