04 September, 2012

The Second Test

I doesn't have to be
Hand-picked, a cherry-
Any idea will do.
I'm scared, almost,
Perhaps because these
Moodswings are so extreme.
I can discuss it
Rationally, but sometimes
Just the lightest hint
Makes me want to
Curl up and cry,
Shut myself in my room
With iPod on,
Headphones in,
Volume up-
Hidden in my bed
With my notebook
And pencil to keep
Me company, and
Maybe even...

What do I want?
Am I delusional?
Do I want this?
I am! I'm crazy!
I made my bed-
I begged- I wished-
I cliched my way into this.
And now I am afraid.
So what if I am?
But, what if I'm not?