25 September, 2012

Comfort Zone

I have searched for
The safest forest
And claimed the
Kindest tree.
In its ample shade
Have I drawn
My magic circle
In the dirt.
It is here that I
Have made my home,
My world, my
Peace and calm.
I have built
Everything I
Could ever need,
Inscribed inside
This circle,
But its boundaries
Never change!
They don't grow
Or even shrink.
They- and I-
Stay stubbornly
In their comfortable
Place, and refuse
To budge an inch.
My toes stay
Cautiously within
This mark,
This scorch upon
The forest where
The grass has
Crumpled and only
Thistles flourish.
My bare feet have
Become bloodied
From the thorns
And brambles in
My circle, this
"Magic Circle,"
Where harm
Cannot enter-
But harm is
Already within it!
This fruit-bearing
Tree, once so full
And dripping with
Sweet juice, now
Curls downward,
Its branches long
Devoid of leaves
And anything that
Might envelop a seed.
Beyond my little home,
I see life and
New beginnings-
Endings, as well.
How can there be one,
Without the other?
Yet it terrifies me.
There are so many
New things outside
This bubble- the
Bad come with the good.
Somehow, one toe
At a time, I
Slipped my way
Free from this tomb!-
If only for a moment.
But what a proud
Moment it has been!
To feel fresh grass
Beneath my soles,
To taste firm fruit
And let the sticky-sweet
Flavor flow over my
Waiting tongue.
This smile, so
Rare and inviting, so-
Dare I say it?-
It creeps over my lips,
Stealing my whole face,
And for this moment
I exist. For this
Moment do I live.
I hold my breath!
But for only a moment.
I race back into
My safety circle
And hide beneath
The bristle bush.
Has the Buck seen
Me? Does he know
I am here? His
Attention is elsewhere-
Thank goodness!
I escape him and
His abundant antlers
For another day.
He is blind to my
Little haven among
The activities in the
Forest. But for
How much longer?
The Buck has a
Keen sense of smell
And a strong gut.
Perhaps he has
Felt my presence