29 September, 2012

Color Wheel

Red, blue, brown and green.
They spin and switch
Places, juggling each
Other unevenly.
Maybe red and blue
Don't quite mix.
Like oil in water-
Put them in a bottle
And shake them all
You like- but to
The end they will
Fight each other.
So they color my world-
They are in the trees
And the sky,
In and around my
Home. Everything has
Color. There is even color
In my eyes.
There is sadness and,
Of course, beauty in this
Mix of color- but, oh,
How often I long for
Simply black and white.
Even night time offers
No escape: only hues
Of darkest blue.
The brightness of
Morning reveals, true yet
Subtle, every shade
Of Kadence red.
I hate being trapped
Inside! Because it
Is outside that green
Prevails and overwhelms
The world, bringing
Excitement of all kinds
Into my field of vision.
But, I realize now,
It is not only about
The colors that can be
Seen- more important
Are the colors that
Can be felt.