10 September, 2012

The Ultimate Loser

How is this a
Happy end? Nobody
Wins in this game-
There is only pain
And death, and a
Single ray of golden
Sunshine glory, cruelly
Obscured by hate
And ignorance
But somehow, the
Worst is over-
Although there
Is much more to
Endure. Months
Of useless ridicule,
Of spiteful jeers
And shamefaced
Guilt. It is my
Fault, she convinces
Herself. Could
It belong to
Anyone else?
She is the ultimate
Loser in this battle
She hadn't known
She was in. No
One takes her team,
Her best friends
Are gone- whether
Left of their will,
Or ripped from her
In that awful moment
When her whole world
Shifted from reality,
To full-on nightmare.
She still wakes up
Screaming, crying,
Retching- failing as
Always to forget that
Single moment that
Has so destroyed her,
Ripped her into
The pieces of who
She used to be.