05 September, 2012

Good Karma Dreamcatcher

It seems I am always at war
With the images that float
Through my head at night-
These visions of what I
Don't even want anymore,
But can't seem to shake
The picture-perfect pieces
That rattle 'round my brain.
Sometimes, they leave me
Cold and alone; blankets not
Enough, friends and notebook
Falling short of comforting,
Music not quite enough.
And other nights, I wake
And I am lost... I look up,
But all I can see
Is this big black hole of
My world, this empty bag
Of memories and old feelings
That I let go of- but won't
Leave my subconsciousness.
This was a constant struggle-
But now, I have a new friend.
It hangs above me as I sleep,
Protects me from myself,
My dark fantasies and
Unfinished past. It
Blocks the wishes,
Keeps out the touches;
It even keeps away Charlotte...
Now, this may seem
Like an answered prayer,
But before I get my hopes
Up, I will wait and see,
Just how long this new friend
Can keep up with
Catching my dreams.