04 September, 2012


Infected by the past
Hiding from the present.
Who is he?
Did I ever know?
Is he many different
People- or was he
the same all along?
Has he changed-
Or could I just not
See him before?
Is it true, that
Love is blind?
Maybe I closed my
Eyes from him, hid
The truth from myself...
But why would I
Do that? I can't
Recall what went
Through my head,
Years ago when nothing
Else mattered-
What was so important
That I scorched my
Own eyes- what was
So worth it that I
Ignored my sense,
My gut, my reason?
Did I change for him?
Did he change for me?
No! Forget what was-
What's now?
Now he is only a
Battle, a challenge,
A lifetime of chess.