08 September, 2012


Isn't it peculiar,
The way a single
Word can have an affect
On you? Deep. It's
Just a word.
But to me, it
Was the polar opposite
To what I expected.
To me, deep meant
Acceptance. I
Keep running it through
My head... The use of
That one simple word
Has made me smile
Since I heard it-
No matter the origin.
Maybe a little
Because of the source.
I don't know! I
Don't know how to put
This into words, not
So I will try
In a way that might
Not make sense.
This is a side
That I am just beginning
To share. And I
Think I like sharing
It! But that night
Was a breakthrough
Of multiple sorts.
My fear came true.
He asked the very
Question I knew
He would. But it
Was ok! I was
Scared that he asked,
Scared that he would
Laugh at my answer,
That he would laugh
At everything!
And he didn't.

What? He didn't?
Maybe it's ok to feel...
Maybe it's ok to share!
To think, even!
And so I will.