08 September, 2012

Succeeding in the Worst Way

Ok, fine. My mind
Has changed. Hate.
That is exactly
What I'm feeling right
This minute.
Shaking anger.
Furious, destructive,
Raging punch-in-the-face
Anger. This goes
Above and beyond.
Maybe I should have
Expected this, but
I really didn't
Suspect that it
Would go in this direction.
This is just not
It's not
Right! It's everything
The opposite of right!
This just goes way farther
Than my lowest
And saddest expectations.
What was going through
His head? Nothing?
Something else much
More "important"?
Fucking videogames?!
What could possibly
Be foremost in his mind?
Do I even want to know?!
I don't even care what
He thinks!
I don't care about his
Life! I care about
Him being a father!
But every arrow is
Pointing, to him
Not wanting to be.