09 September, 2012


Fighting this feeling,
This trembling headache,
This dizziness that
Makes no sense.
This ache is
Torture- it throbs and
Moves and, somehow,
Is connected to my
Stomach. This nausea
Is so awful; It
switches between the
Urge to puke and the
Spinning migraine view.
It's so hard to focus
Just now- I'm surprised
At how well I can write,
At how well I can spell,
But I am making
Mistakes. My vision
Won't be still,
It wavers and trembles
As my nerves do.
Closing my eyes is
So nice... but I
Can't get comfortable.
I hate these times, when
I want to throw up,
Unsure whether or not
It will improve matters.
I hate fighting nausea
Verses headache
I don't know if it
Will lead to jumpy
Vision- the most
Annoying thing...
It's keeping me from
Writing. Somersaulting
Is grabbing my breath,
And eyesight is not
Cooperating. I can't
Even catch what all
I can see! My fingers
Are freezing! My arms
As well...